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This is a free php helpdesk software and because of lack of fundings, the helpdesk software development is going on a bit slow and sluggish at the moment. But please be assured that we'll try to make it the best free php helpdesk.

If you would like to contribute to the development, then please contact us at php [at] exocrew [dot] com

Terms and Conditions

This is a free software but has certain limitations to copying, distributing or reproduction. Please read the LICENSE file included in both zip and rar archive.

Version : 1.2.1   [ CHANGELOG ]

Zip File  - [ Download ]   - 8883 Times Downloaded (Size: 435 KB)
Rar File - [ Download ]   - 24480 Times Downloaded (Size: 387 KB)

Admin Demo : Click Here  ( User: Demo, Pass: demo )
Staff Demo : Click Here  ( User: Staff, Pass: test )
Member Demo : Click Here  ( User: Member, Pass: test )

Please don't abuse the demo.

Currently there are no additional skins available for download. But there should be downloadable skins as soon as this product grows.

Older Releases: They are not available as we don't recommend the use of them. If there is increased demand of Older Releases, we will put them up.


Operating Systems Tested for HelpDesk: Linux RedHat And Windows ®

- PHP 4.2.2 ( Tested with PHP 4 - 2.2, 3.1, 3.3, 3.4)
- PHP Compiled with IMAP Support to use MAIL Fetching feature
- mySQL 3 or 4 (Tested with 3.23.* and 4.0.*)
- Apache 1.3.*
- If using Windows:
 » IIS 5.1 or higher with PHP SAPI module
 » All Verbs enabled for PHP Extension


::1.2 Releases::
1.2.1 Released: January 27, 2006.
1.2 Final Released: December 10, 2004.


- Easy customization, by editing the templates to suit your site
- Easy Installation through Automated steps
- Administrator, Staff, Member Area
- Fast And Easy Live Chat
- Specify the viewable Tickets / Page
- Fetch mail through an IMAP/POP3 Server and convert to tickets
  ( On Administrators or Staff Login)
- Knowledge Base
- Live Server Status
- Unlimited Trouble Shooters
- Mail Piping ( For Linux Users )

HelpDesk Admin Area
- View/Add/Edit/Delete/Email Members
- View/Add/Edit/Delete/Email Staff
- View/Add/Edit/Delete/Email Administrators
- Change Configurations
- Edit Own Profile
- Add/Edit/Delete Groups (a.k.a. Departments)
- View tickets statistics
- Send/View Private Messages
- Open Close Registrations
- Open/Close/Edit Tickets
- Edit/Add/Delete Responses
- Live Chat Responder
- Add/Edit/Delete F.A.Q.
- Add/Edit/Delete Staff Notes
- Add/Edit/Delete Servers
- Search Tickets
- Add/Edit/Delete TroubleShooters
- Add/Edit/Delete KB Groups
- Add/Edit/Use Saved Responses

HelpDesk Staff Area
- Edit/Open/Close Tickets
- Create New Tickets
- Add/Edit Responses
- Take Ownership of Tickets
- Send/View Private Messages
- Live Chat Responder
- Edit Own Profile
- Add/Edit F.A.Q.
- Delete Own F.A.Q.
- Add/Edit/Delete Own Notes
- Search Tickets
- View Server Status
- Use Troubleshooters
- Add/Edit Saved Responses
- Use Saved Responses ( Where Allowed )

HelpDesk Member Area
- Edit/Open/Close Own Tickets
- Create New Tickets
- Add/Edit Responses
- Send/View Private Messages
- Live Chat with Staff/Admin
- Edit Own Profile
- Search Tickets
- View Server Status (If Allowed)
- Use Troubleshooters
- Rate Staff and F.A.Q.( 0 - 5 )

If you need more features, please go to our Community Forums and put them in a wish list thread, and the possibility is that the feature you will request will be added in the next releases.


Lead Developer: Asad Khan


A Small Laptop

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Small Script:       $25 - $45
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